Body Treatments

Grooming, nail care, and skin treatments, we provide a range of rejuvenating body treatments that will make sure that you look and feel your best.

Using the highest quality products from the best brands, and highly experienced beauty therapists, you can feel confident in our wide range of beautifying and refreshing treatments.


Our range of relaxing and replenishing massage treatments will assist with muscle tension, reduce stress, and increase energy levels. Whether you are suffering from neck pain, muscle tension, or poor circulation, we offer varied types of massage in our relaxing and comfortable salon.

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy


This powerful and effective massage spa treatment works to reduce anxiety and stress, increase relaxation and ease muscle pain, tightness, and tension.

Hot stone specialty massages use heated, smooth stones which are specially selected as they retain heat. When applied to your body in key areas of tension or pain, the hot stones will work to relax your body and loosen points of tension and tightness. It can also prove very effective in soothing aching joints, and in stimulating the repair of muscles and connective tissues.

Our expert massage therapists will apply stones that are a size and temperature which is comfortable and effective for you and ensure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Full Body Massage Treatments


For a head-to-toe massage treatment, you can book one of our BM or FBM and Polish massage treatments which will help to relax points of tension in your body, reduce pain, increase relaxation, and can lead to improved circulation and increased blood flow.

Applying deep tissue massage techniques, our staff will effectively target points of tension during an all-over massage that treats your neck, back, shoulders, arms, stomach, hands, and feet.

Foot Massage Treatments


A relaxing and rejuvenating foot massage will help you to combat muscle aches and stress and ease tension. Our 45-minute treatment will provide you with the deep and targeted treatment you need to combat poor circulation, muscle tension, and aching feet, and will help you to feel more relaxed overall.


Caribbean Spray Tan Treatments

Whether you want to top up before your vacation or are looking for that healthy all-year-round glow, our high-quality spray tan treatments will provide you with an even and streak-free shade of your choice.

Using the highest quality lotions and high-tech equipment, our spray tan specialists will expertly apply an even, natural-looking, and healthy glow to your skin. Our Caribbean tan treatments will give you a deep, glowing tan that develops seven to eight hours after your treatment and give you a beautifully bronzed look for up to 10 days.

Before application, our tanning experts will be able to advise you on the best shade selection for your current skin tone and type to make sure you get your desired look. Whether you want a gentle glow or a deeper tone, our experts have the equipment and expertise to give you a consistent and streak-free tan.

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