Hand & Feet Treatments

We offer a wide range of luxurious manicure and pedicure treatments featuring the best brands, most effective applications, and best materials to make sure your nails look perfect and pampered!

With an extensive range of colour options, our friendly and highly trained nail technicians will be able to provide you with the shape, shade, and texture you prefer. And we provide this along with wonderfully relaxing treatments to ensure your hands and feet are healthy and glowing.

Our manicure & pedicure salon services include:

  • Glow Manicures & Pedicures
  • Glow Teens & Kids
  • Foot Peels
  • Gel Treatments
  • Biosculpture Gel Treatments
  • Acrylic & Polygel treatments
  • Tips & Sculpturing


Whether you want a French manicure, gel polish, acrylic fills or a nail art treatment, our trained and experienced nail specialists will provide you with exactly the look you are after!

Click here for a breakdown of our different treatment options and to make a booking.

Here’s how our different types of manicures and pedicures, infills, filing, and cuticle care will help you keep your nails in perfect condition.

Acrylic Nail Treatments


Our expert acrylic manicure treatments will be applied by experts who will sculpt the perfect look for your nail treatment.

Acrylic fill treatments will help you to reshape or change the length and look of your nails quickly so that you can have the style you want no matter the length of your natural nails. Increase how long the effect lasts with a gel overlay treatment!

Our beautiful acrylic nailforms treatments will provide you with a strong temporary base for gel or acrylic top coats. These effective treatments help you to build you natural nails up to your desired shape and length.

We can also provide you with a beautiful French manicure or natural nail polish acrylic treatment giving you the shape and strength you need with elegant and timeless style.

Click this link for details of our Acrylic Manicure treatments and prices.

Biosculpture Manicure Nails


We use one of the leading gel nail brands in the world to give you beautifully coloured nails which are both chip and smudge resistant. This high-quality treatment will avoid damage to your nail and actually help to condition and strengthen your nail after it is applied!

This versatile treatment can be applied to your tips, as a culture fill, gel overlay, or a basic pedicure or manicure treatment depending on the look and effect you prefer.

Our biosculpture manicure nails treatments and prices are listed here.

File and Paint Treatments


For a classic and rejuvenating basic manicure treatment, we will provide you with experienced nail salon technicians who will be able to give you exactly the look and shape you want.

For a great bonding experience, why not bring your kids along? We offer packages for moms and kids to enjoy a great manicure together. You and your child can enjoy a relaxing time and maybe even choose matching or complimentary shades.

Nail Fix Treatments


Our expert technicians will apply effective and fast-acting treatments for previous damage to your nails and advice you on the best manicure & pedicure salon treatments to keep your nails healthy and strong in the future.

Click here to book an effective nail fix treatment today.

Nail Art Manicure Treatments


For a beautiful, dramatic, and stunning look our nail art experts will apply a customized nail art option of your choice. Featuring delicate designs and a wide range of colour options, we will provide you with the shade, look, and detailed designs which will ensure you and your nails stand out from the crowd!

Pedicure Treatments


Make sure that your feet look and feel just as great as your hands with our relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure treatments. We will ensure that your nails are neat, healthy, and beautiful using a wide range of high-quality treatments and effective brands. Why not make your next pedicure a family affair by bringing your children along for treatments for under-19 and under-12s?

For more information about our manicure and pedicure treatments, click here.

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