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Glowskin Skin Treatments

Whether you want a quick skin freshening appointment or a series of more in-depth skin renewal treatments, we have the expertise, experience, and very best products to help!

From luxurious facial treatments to customized dermatological treatment programs, we have everything you need to improve your skin and your confidence!

Our comprehensive skin treatment service uses the highest quality products, treatments, and techniques available to treat your skin effectively and safely.

Our experienced, professionals will assess your skin and advise you on the best approach to rejuvenating your skin based on your skin type, skin condition, and what you would like to achieve with your treatment.

What Skin Treatments Are Available?

We use the most effective dermatological treatments available to help your skin look as fresh, clear, and glowing as possible. To do this, we use three of the most trusted and effective skincare treatment brands in South Africa, pH Formula, Dermalogica, and RegimA.

Read below to discover which treatments we have available to help you attain clear, healthy, glowing skin.


pH Formula Treatments

Using the high-tech and scientific approach of pH Formula we will provide an exact chemical solution treatment that is best suited to your skin type. PH formula will help to improve the health of your skin and improve its protective qualities.

These non-invasive and customized skin resurfacing treatments are a result of over 30 years of expertise and research and will provide you with the support you need to address a wide variety of skin issues. Our pH Formula service can be effective in helping you with:

• Anti-aging treatments.
• Treatment of Hyperpigmentation.
• Chronic Skin Redness.
• Long lasting Acne treatments.
• Fine Lines and Wrinkle treatment.
• Skin rejuvenation and freshening.

We will be able to provide you with a relaxing and customized pH Formula skin treatment to restore your dermatological health that is best for the personal sensitivity levels of your skin.

Depending on the type of treatment you need, you can book a 30, 60, or 90-minute appointment for pH formula skin treatments. Click here to discover our pricelist.


Dermalogica Face Treatments

Dermalogica skin treatments are trusted by thousands of skin therapists and customers in hundreds of countries across the globe to provide the most effective, customized care for a variety of skin types.

We will use these cruelty-free, vegan products to provide you with a top-of-the-line service that will improve your skin health, rejuvenate your glow, and ensure you enjoy a fresh and glowing appearance. Using precise and effective Dermalogica treatments, we will use high-tech, customized care which is tailored to your skin tone and current condition.

Considering your lifestyle, current skincare regime, and the condition of your skin, we will provide you with a personalized approach through every part of your treatment. These custom dermatological skin treatments can help you with:

• Refreshing and rejuvenation of tired, dull, and damaged skin.
• Effective Acne skin treatments.
• Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Dermatological treatments for healthy skin.
• Hydration and rejuvenation of rough, dry skin.

Using advanced product combinations which are tailored to your skin health problems, we will provide an effective and comprehensive treatment to help you with all of your skin concerns.

Our 60-minute Dermalogica ProSkin treatment will provide you with a soothing and relaxing approach to skin care. Click here to discover our prices for skin treatment sessions.


RegimA Skin Peel Treatments

The powerful and effective professional RegimA skin peel treatment can be used to treat a variety of different issues and skin damage. Using a customized schedule of treatments, you will begin to see clear results with issues such as pigmentation or damaged skin.

You can arrange for a tailored series of treatments in consultation with our skin treatment professionals to ensure your skin issues and approached in a safe and long-lasting manner.
RegimA skin chemical peel treatments can help with a variety of skin issues, including:

• Effective exfoliation of dry, tired skin.
• Increased skin elasticity.
• Treatment of acne and acne scars.
• Control and elimination of superficial pigmentation skin issues.
• Rejuvenation of healthy and glowing skin.
• Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Gradual removal of sun damage such as sun spots.
• Progressive removal of liver spots or age spots on your face and hands.

Shorter skin peel treatments weekly are recommended to begin with, with longer treatments being approached only after we get a clear idea of your skin tolerance and reaction to the treatment. Treatments can be reduced to monthly or every six weeks after an initial treatment period to ensure long-lasting results.

We offer RegimA skin peel treatments of 30 minutes or an hour which will be expertly tailored to your skin type and skin health goals. Click here for our price list and to book your first session.

More Information About Our Skin Treatments

If you are uncertain about which skin treatments are going to be the most effective for your skin type, then why not get in touch with us today? We are experts in the skincare field and will be happy to have a friendly chat with you about the best options for your first skin treatment with us.

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